As a highly skilled and versatile editor, Ivan Cordoba is above all a visual thinker focused on creative storytelling. With a multifaceted artistic background and a deep knowledge of the post production business, he masters the craft of assembling high-end visual artifacts.

After almost ten years of professional activity, Ivan has learned how to dive in the material in order to identify the essentials and put them together in a unique fashion. While some of his works are a reminder that the purest form of editing is creating narrative and meaning from unscripted material, other works stand out for their captivating design, visual effects and retouching.

Ivan Cordoba’s work as an editor includes projects that have been screened at international festivals such as the Venice Biennale and Cannes Festival, and featured on digital platforms such as Adweek Talent Gallery. He’s worked for top global brands and companies including Maserati, De Beers, Christie’s, Mercedes-Benz, Converse, Ports 1961, L’Oréal Paris and National Geographic, and collaborated with such artists as world-class photographer Christopher Makos, close friend and colleague of Andy Warhol.